Visiting Nursing Home Residents

Visiting Nursing Home Residents

We should value all ages in our communities, from the very young to the very old. But the oldest ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities often feel isolated and excluded. Developing stronger connections between these elderly people and their community can have tremendous benefits for young and old ones.

So as Chindamanee School, every year we arrange a trip with our students of M5 to the Nursing Home on December. Before going there, M5 students collected donations from students, teachers and parents in the school.

When we arrived there, everyone was waiting us. Each student talked with one of the resident. Chindamanee students did a presentation like a short play and sang series of songs together. Even older adults with serious memory loss enjoyed this visiting; moreover some of them danced and sang with us. Our students made a difference in residents’ life for one day. They were eager to help in a nursing home once they became comfortable.

They learnt how to interact with different people and they gained responsibility, because the older people depend on them.