Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Chindamanee a Thai – Cambridge dual Curriculum School offers an inspirational bilingual education with 80 percent of our classes in English and the remaining 20 per cent in the Thai language. Our students, who come from a variety of backgrounds and all over the world, help create our inclusive international environment that leads to academic excellence, moral enrichment, and a global perspective. Our school is an organization committed to continuous improvement and providing outstanding opportunities both in and out of the classroom. We recruit the best teachers and staff, from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities who provide our students with a global outlook and drive our mission of creating global citizens. We provide them with the resources to nurture outstanding skills that exemplify the values of our school. From our reception early years program to our Year 1 to year 13 Cambridge Pathway, our students enthusiastically develop their interests and passions for learning. Our Year 13 students pick and get accepted by the best universities in Thailand. We also have students who embark on careers at the world’s leading universities. Chindamanee is unique in its ability to give students the best of both worlds generated around its innovative, ambitious, and dynamic international community that also embraces Thai language and culture and opens a world of possibilities for our students. We strive to create students who can solve problems through analysis, observation, critical thinking and teamwork to find creative solutions to challenging situations.

Our Mission

In an excellent teaching and learning environment, Chindamanee School encourages and guides students to become international-minded and lifelong learners; to reach their full potentials academically and morally; to value physical and mental health and live accordingly as global citizens.

Academic Excellence

Our partnership with the Thai Office of Private Education Commission and Cambridge Assessment International Education has created a dynamic world-class, split curriculum. A Curriculum that prepares our students for all the requirements of both the Thai Curriculum and the International General Education Certificate from Cambridge Assessment International Education which places our student in the unique position of having graduated from both the Thai education system and an international education program. This allows more opportunities for our students to succeed in university entrance as well as in professional recruitment.

Moral Enrichment

Our schools’ student development, volunteer work and student counselling programs create an environment where students follow a more global set of values. The adaptable implementation of our schools’ values and culture have made us well known as a model for student discipline and instilling a sense of duty and mindfulness in our students when going out into the world our students act respectful and responsible and take our schools values, based on common decency and being mindful of other people and their surroundings wherever they go.

Global Citizens

Encouraging our students to become global citizens is not just something we say. We help our students to solve problems by taking a worldview and looking at things from many different perspectives. We also strive to teach our school tolerance, understanding and acceptance of different cultures which will allow our students to go into the world considering different cultures creating students who hold a global perspective. We do this while also maintaining our traditional Thai values while teaching our international students’ about the value of Thai culture. Our students work to become the best version of themselves and aim for the top universities in the world.