High School

Chindamanee Secondary provide an authentic and balanced education for every student within a diverse, global and inclusive curriculum. Our school supplies for our students in an academic, social, cultural and sporting sense.

The Secondary School at Chindamanee School Cambridge Program (CSCP) is an enthusiastic and energetic environment that provides a well-rounded education and a holistic atmosphere. CSCP Secondary School places emphasis on offering strong academic support for the students to become highly capable to excel in academics, accept challenges, develop leadership, and become independent. CSCP Secondary School building showcases clean classrooms and a positive atmosphere wherein teachers get the students involved in setting a classroom culture that values organization and cleanliness.  Not only that, but good manners and right conduct also are well-practiced and values education is always inculcated in all subjects and activities. CSCP Secondary School maintains a friendly environment that makes students feel that everyone is a member of a family.  Kind and supportive teachers keep motivating the students to excel not only in academics, but also in their socio-emotional well-being, as well as in their talents and skills.


Career guidance and counseling is one vital part of student support that CSCP focuses on to secondary students.  There are ranges of interventions offered to assist students develop and utilize their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in making choices on their study options and what to take up in the university. In preparation for university applications, CSCP offers GAT-PAT and TOEIC review, to ensure high scores for aptitude tests.  There is an intensive Math-Science program and English-Chinese program for Year 10 to 13 where a small number of students per class are given personalized mentoring by qualified Native English Speaking and dedicated Thai Teachers.  Students whose English level is advanced are given more challenging tasks and are provided with more comprehensive assignments.  University visits and fairs are arranged accordingly to expose the secondary students to different opportunities ahead of them in the university.

At Chindamanee School Cambridge Program, secondary students regularly take up MAP Growth Tests to allow the teachers to plan their instructions efficiently. Students in secondary enjoy classrooms that are configured specifically based on what they learn in each classroom.  They normally move from one classroom to another and it gives them an advantage to feel different learning ambience and to learn how to manage their time by adapting to a dynamic schedule. Each classroom in the secondary section is designed to cater to the demands of the 21st-Century learners.  Smartboards, projectors, and a wifi-connection are available in every classroom and are properly utilized to serve students with engaging, interactive, and quality education. Various activities and competitions are organized that open up unlimited possibilities for students to explore.  There are competitions held within the school, locally, and even national and international olympiads where students can participate in and showcase their talents.

In order to bridge the gap between education and hands-on learning, CSCP offers education and fun field trips to secondary students.  This is one way of increasing their knowledge and hands-on experience, and offers them unique cultural learning experience while developing their social abilities and independence, and being involved in the environment. 

CSCP Secondary section immensely reaches out to the parents through parents-teachers meetings and home visits.  Parents, who are part of the stakeholders of the school, are kept involved in school events and in their child’s schoolwork.  This way, CSCP ensures the parents that the school offers the best learning experience.   Also, the daily and overall progress of the students can be monitored by both parents and teachers through the use of ActivSchool, which is an online grading management platform that securely keeps individual student’s data.