Grade 6 students Chiang Mai cultural and educational trip

Grade 6 students Chiang Mai cultural and educational trip

Grade 6 students Chiang Mai cultural and educational trip Purpose of this trip is to make students enjoy having a background knowledge about Northern (Lanna ) culture and lifestyle At the same time students enjoy doing amazing activities First day of trip 25/09/18 Students climbed to Doi Suthep right after arriving at Chiang Mai. They visited Doi Pui village and gained knowledge about Lanna culture. Then students enjoyed the Northern food Such as Kao soi and Noodles. On the way back to town students visited Bhuping Palace and Wat Phra Tat in order to know about those places. In the evening Wichai Wittaya school hosted them. There students had their dinner and did some activities. The day didn’t end there. After that students went to Chiang Mai night safari and enjoyed finding out about wild animals nad night predators. They watched the predators show and traveled in the safari zone and predators zone. The first day was full of unforgettable activities and kids have got lots of information about animals life and Lanna culture.

Second day of the trip started with wonderful breakfast at Wichai Wittaya after that students visited the Mar Taeng elephant park. There they did amazing activities like watching elephant show, elephant riding, buffalo riding and bamboo rafting. Then students enjoyed the buffet for lunch. After elephant park they went to beautiful orchid and butterfly gardens. It was amazing to see different types of orchids and butterflies. In the evening kids visited Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. There they ate at dinner first at famous Northern restaurant called Ruammit. Dinner was fantastic kids enjoyed northern tastes a lot. After dinner they walked at Night Bazaar for shopping. During the shopping students met foreigners and made conversation with them. Students performance during the interview was overstanding. They spoke pure English all the time without any hesitation. Their intelligibility got ever person they have met.

The last day students started their trip with famous Rotee Shop. The taste of rotee was simply delicious. After the breakfast they went to Royal Park Ratchapruek. There they visited many different kinds of gardens from different parts of the world. Students also got to know about lots of different trees and flowers.

The next destination was Chiang Mai hot spring which is 45 kilometres away from the city. Students enjoyed boiling eggs and hot mineral water. They also had salads from organic plants.
Right after that students went to Bo Sang umbrella factory and handicraft market. There they watched how people make handmade umbrellas and other wooden stuff. They also bought some souvenirs from there.

After that kids went back to hotel. They packed their bags and ate dinner which was Fried chicken with sticky rice. The Northern style fried chicken tasted fantastic with ground chilli sauce. After enjoying dinner they went to Chiang Mai International airport and that was the end of Chiang Mai educational and cultural trip.