Chindamanee English Camp

Chindamanee English Camp

As CSEP is an English program school, we highly give importance to our students’ level of speaking in English.

Since we think that “The more you practice, the better you get”, we organize English Camps for our students’ improvement of language. In English Camp, there are many fabulous activities that students enjoy and at the same time learn in a entertaining way. In the structure part of the activities generally, students divided into groups compete with each other and try to get the best score. During the games, they are to speak only English according to the rule of this camp.

While they enjoy their unforgettable times in the camp, they also practice English a lot. Every Year Chindamanee School takes students to English Camp at Saraburi n December. 2014, we did English Camp with around 180 students from P.4 – M.3. The students and the teachers, who were the guardians to the students there, I had so much fun together.

They expressed their feelings that they looked forward to having this camp again soon. So, we owe thanks to the students and the teachers who took part in the camp. Also special thanks to the parents who allowed their children to encourage them to participate in the camp.