Chindamanee School installed Thermal Video Camera Temperature Screening

All the teachers, staff and Primary and Secondary students must have temperature checked with it daily.

Chindamanee graduates are accepted to top universities

We would like to congratulate our M6 students who have gotten into top Thai universities. We wish them all the success in the world. We are proud that each year Chindamanee School English Program graduates are accepted to top universities. Chindamanee School English Program and supportive parents are interested in the quality of our students’ […]

Chindamanee School English Program gave a hand and a hope to Covid-19 victims.

Thanks to a partnership between Chindamanee School English Program, Our amazing parents, businessmen and the Chomthong district municipality we have collected about 300 COVID-19 Survival packs to feed people in need in the local community.

Chindamanee School step up to lend a helping hand

Chindamanee School English Program is launching a COVID-19 sharing campaign by preparing our “Hospitality Pantry” near the front gate, we welcome everyone to be give and take what they need. Live sufficiently & share with the needy. โรงเรียนจินดามณีหลักสูตรภาษาอังกฤษจัดโครงการแบ่งปันผู้ประสบภัยโควิดโดยการจัดตู้ธารน้ำใจไว้หน้าโรงเรียน ขอเชิญท่านร่วมเป็น “ผู้ให้” และ “ผู้รับ” อยู่อย่างพอเพียง มีเสบียงมาแบ่งปัน

Virtual Term 1-2020/2021 Academic Year