School Groups

School Level

Wichai Wittaya Bilingual School


The Kindergarten Section is composed of committed and experienced teachers who are trained to handle and take care of preschool children. Each class is exposed to a variety of subjects every day to help develop the students to be well-rounded individuals. The Kindergarten Section has adapted a system and a curriculum that is proven to effectively strengten the students' moral, social, intellectual and physical development. There is a balance instruction of both Thai and English lessons. The classrooms are also equipped with the modern facilities such as the Active Board and other useful instructional materials.

Pan-Asia International School


CSEP's Primary Section is following an English Program with the aim of enhancing English language skills of students, as English is the most important international language used world-wide. Enabling students to adapt what they learn in class to thier daily lives and to continue their education successfully in the future.

Chindamanee School


CSEP's High School (Students aged 15- 17 years M.4-M.6). Secondary section natures learning through child-centered approaches, interactive smart boards and a variety of learning styles. CSEP's secondary section also endeavours to develop within our children thinking skills and strong personal characteristics. Furthermore, we create interactive programmes of study that are further enhanced by a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities which add breadth and depth to our students' learning.