School Groups

Parent Guide

The Kindergarten Section is composed of committed and experienced teachers who are trained to handle and take care of preschool children. Each class is exposed to a variety of subjects every day to help develop the students to be well-rounded individuals. The Kindergarten Section has adapted a system and a curriculum that is proven to effectively strengthen the students’ moral, social, intellectual and physical development. There is a balance instruction of both Thai and English lessons. The classrooms are also equipped with the modern facilities such as the Active Board and other useful instructional materials.

Our educational program is based on the combination of Thai curriculum and integrating materials and practices from English-speaking countries. We strive to provide a caring and motivating environment for children where they can grow and develop mentally and emotionally, and acquire a wide range of social and academic skills.

Education management in Kindergarten aims at supporting the students to be able to develop themselves in 4 areas as follows: physiology, mood, society, and intelligence. These aims will be achieved through learning by doing or experience. The mediums of learning are English and Thai languages in a lovely and warm atmosphere which enhances their moral, attention in their work, reading and attitude towards nature, environment and Thai wisdom.

Teaching English
English at CSEP is an interactive and fun experience. At KG, our focus is on speaking English as well as writing, reading and students cover all English skills comprehensively. Lessons encompass a mixture of Phonics, writing, role-playing, reading and listening. Teachers are very energetic and like to see the students take center stage during lessons.

Teaching Thai
Students learn Thai everyday in class and study subjects in Thai as well as English. Our Thai lessons incorporate lots of songs and fun activities. From an early age, students learn to recognize and write and say the Thai alphabet. Special emphasis is placed on students’ learning. We also value Thai manners and proper respect for family, teachers, fellow students and community members.

Field Trips
Field Trips offer exciting ways to learn. Students will have the opportunity to go on field trips at various times throughout the school year.

Daily Routines

  • Our day in Chindamanee begins greetings by our teachers.
  • Our morning assembly starts at 8:30. We have lots of fun during the assembly time. Singing, playing and doing exercise.
  • Lessons start at 9:00. Each lesson takes 40 min.
  • After each lesson, there is a break. We can play in playground with our teachers.
  • Each morning at 9:40 am, the kids have their milk break with the assistance of the class teachers.
  • Lining up for lunch
  • Eating lunch
  • Washing hands/brushing teeth
  • For Nursery – KG2, they have Nap time from 12:15 to 13:45.
  • We always take special care when everyone is sleeping and make sure all the children are taken care of while sleeping.
  • Afternoon Snack Time
  • Lesson ends at 15:25 and then there is an optional “Tutoring Time”